The Power Company is a full-service energy consulting firm based in Chicago whose mission is to lower our clients’ energy expenditure. By helping customers negotiate the price of energy, The Power Company enables businesses to keep more of their own capital.

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How Does the Process Work?

Step 1

Provide us with a current copy of your electric bill so that we can review your business’s historical energy profile.

Step 2

Our experts analyze your business’s energy usage. Energy consumption takes place in many different forms – even the same kWh usage can be priced differently by suppliers.

Step 3

The Power Company negotiates your usage needs with numerous energy suppliers as they compete for your business. We then analyze offers and construct the best option for your review.

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There are many no-cost ways that The Power Company helps businesses reduce expenditures in their business.

Energy Deregulation allows The Power Company to seek out a lower price for our customer’s energy usage. We have the expertise to negotiate with multiple, competing energy suppliers to secure the lowest possible price. The key is knowing how to navigate the process and plan for each client’s particular situation. When suppliers compete for our business our customers save.

As a result of our tenure, relationships in the marketplace, and buying power among our suppliers, The Power Company is in the best position to effectively navigate the negotiation process for our clients and get the most competitive rates possible. We can help analyze your energy usage to reduce your expenditures.

Having a trusted partner like The Power Company on your side means you don’t have to do this alone. With our team’s extensive industry knowledge, we’ll show you how to let the energy market work for your business and avoid surprises along the way.

Energy Challenges Businesses Face

Challenge #1

Many businesses don’t have the time and expertise to understand complicated energy market conditions.

Challenge #2

Many businesses don’t understand all of the variables impacting the price they pay for energy.

Challenge #3

Many businesses don’t have the resources to procure their energy at the best prices.

We are committed to being your trusted partner to achieve the best results for your business.

The Power Company makes saving money on commercial electricity rates easy for our customers, bringing the largest and most competitive energy suppliers together to compete for your business. With no cost or obligation to you, we negotiate on your behalf and help you select the energy supplier that best meets your needs.

Our supplier relationships are diverse, which enables us to select the appropriate range of choices to help you manage the price volatility in the energy markets, as well as choices to reflect your energy values. We are committed to building trust and maintaining objectivity.

Our success is built on developing a broad portfolio of energy suppliers from around the country. We work with more than 30 respected energy suppliers in all deregulated states. We negotiate procurements based on volume and market expertise which achieve results and cost savings that are greater than most individual organizations can obtain. Our customers benefit from our purchasing power.

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