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Our mission is simple:

To Lower Our Clients’ Energy Expenditure

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The Power Company

Same power, same service but with more savings on your energy bill.

The Power Company is a full-service energy services company based in Chicago, Illinois. We have partnered with over 350,000 commercial and residential clients, delivering the most competitive energy pricing with no change in service.

It is our mission to assist our clients in reducing and managing their energy expenditures while being a market leader in professional selling standards that are intelligent, honorable, and ethical. Learn about us.

Why Choose The Power Company?

Founded in 2011, we have longevity in a relatively young industry.

Extensive expertise in deregulated energy markets sets us apart.

Hundreds of thousands of energy contracts sold in the last decade.

Ability to select and sell in target markets efficiently and effectively.

Buying Power With The Savings Passed On to Our Clients

The Power Company has spent years building and cultivating our relationships with the most competitive and reputable energy suppliers in the industry who compete for your business. Because of our tenure in the marketplace and buying power with our suppliers, we are in the best position to effectively navigate the deregulated energy market.

The Power Company acts as your energy advocate, at no cost or obligation to our clients, negotiating the most competitive pricing and options. We consistently achieve results and cost savings that are far greater than what most individuals and organizations can realize on their own.

Do The Smart Thing. Switch Today!

Energy is simply a commodity. Strict deregulation laws ensure that your service, your meter read, and even your bill is still provided by your local utility. So why pay a penny more than you need to? Since The Power Company makes it so easy, getting the right price is just good common sense.

It’s perfectly safe: Your local utility still delivers your service and bills your account.

It’s good for the environment: Want to make sure your next provider is green? We’ll show you what percentage of your power will be renewable with each provider’s offer.

Your utility doesn’t change: There won’t be any lapse in your service, so you don’t have to worry about making the switch!

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For questions regarding Deregulated Energy, saving money on your electrical bill, or how to switch to a more competitive energy supplier, please contact us today.