The Power Company is dedicated to becoming a market leader in professional selling standards that are honorable and ethical. We are committed to building trust and maintaining objectivity.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in reducing and managing their energy expenses. The Power Company is a nationwide, professional energy consulting firm with a expert perspective on commercial and residential energy management based in Chicago, Illinois. As energy advocates, we specialize in finding the best, custom energy pricing for our customers.

What We Do

Our experience and industry standing with numerous suppliers save our customers time and money. By having suppliers compete for our client’s business we are able to secure the most competitive pricing and terms for their business.

Our Supplier Selection Process

We take great pride and invest extensive detail in researching the providers we recommend for you. We leverage our proven knowledge of a competitive energy marketplace and use our ethical standards to ensure that our customers only partner with the most respected energy providers.

We Work to Save our Clients Time & Money

  • The Power Company stays in tune daily with energy markets, providers, and new opportunities and we take the time to understand our clients’ business and specific energy needs.
  • Customers capitalize on the benefits offered by deregulation without committing significant time and resources to understand the complexity of the markets.
  • We review existing energy contracts and usage to develop buying strategies that are best for their business.
  • We provide a customized savings analysis for our business clients.
  • The Power Company locks in rates for our clients to protect them from future increases in energy prices. That could mean thousands of dollars in our clients’ pockets.

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For questions regarding Deregulated Energy, saving money on your electrical bill, or how to switch to a more competitive energy supplier, please contact us today.