• How can a lighting or energy assessment help my business? An energy assessment can provide important information on your business’s pattern of energy use. Whether your assessment includes all of your building’s systems or just the lighting, an assessment provides the detailed information E3 needs to give an accurate bid on the upgrade work.
  •  Can my business finance an energy efficiency project? In most cases TPC and its partners are able to provide financing, allowing our customers to experience savings and in many cases, additional cash flow in month one.   Typically, the cost of the project is less than what we are saving you, allowing for immediate additional cash flow.  Our clients benefit from new, more efficient products, and in addition, put money in their pocket in doing so.
  • Are there incentives for implementing energy efficiency improvements? Yes. Your business may be eligible for rebates, a reduced interest rate loan, or a grant for energy efficiency upgrades or retrofits. These typically are available from your utility provider but can sometimes be secured through other non-utility programs. In some cases, federal tax credits are also available for energy efficient upgrades.
  • How much can I save? Our clients have experienced anywhere from 10-50% savings.